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Business Analyst

Business Analyst

How do you explain to your family/friends in one sentence what you do at GFD?

Difficult… I explain that I can calculate with mathematical formulas how many chips can be produced from one wafer.


When I look out of my apartment/house, I look at…

… the Spitzhaus in Radebeul.


How does the perfect day off look like for you?

Sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, read.


GFD is…

… the employer with whom I have “lasted” the longest due to my various tasks – 18 years 😉


Which exhibition did you last visit?

The Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig.


I would never miss a concert by this artist…

Dick Brave and the Backbeats – unfortunately the band does not exist anymore.


  • I never miss this broadcast on television…
    Grey’s Anatomy
  • Favourite writer or hero of a novel?
    Raimund Gregorius, Night Train to Lisbon
  • Favourite city?
  • Dream job as a child?
    Riding instructor
  • Facebook or Instagram?
  • Cooking or cleaning the kitchen?
  • Couch or bar?
  • Starry sky or laser show?
    Starry sky


Life motto? Life wisdom?

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.”


I like to spend my free time…

… with my family.


I like holidays best…

…with my family.


Favorite quote?

“Women who demand nothing are taken at their word – they get nothing.”
Simone de Beauvoir


What makes you wonder?

The nature, my kids.


What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

Nothing – I would rather sleep in.



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People at GFD


"Underneath our skin, we are all the same."

People at GFD
Working student Communications

Working student Communications

„Be scared. Do it anyway.“

People at GFD
Elected representative of severely disabled persons

Elected representative of severely disabled persons

"Fear is just a feeling."